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UP focuses on providing workplace skills training and capacity improvement for Fortune 500 companies, as well as introductory /internship/full-time opportunities for famous enterprises. Job-seeking industries cover finance, internet, media, fast-moving, etc. Help the students to get the favorite offer.




16 years brand precipitation
Create high-end social circles and share high-quality workplace resources
1500+ workplace elite tutors
Senior tutor from the world's top 500 companies, professional argeted training Our Services
The world's top 500 cooperation enterprises
Massive well-konw corporate resources seamlessly connected, a large number of quality growth opportunities
1000+ famous enterprises in the marketing and promotion opportunities
Chinese and foreign companies' internal promotion/internship/full-time job promotion opportunities, directly to famous enterprises

One-to-One Career Coaching

UP Career coaching is delivered by our large team of highly experienced international professionals based in London, Manchester and Nottingham. We expertly help you through each part of the application process. When you work with UP Career Coach, you not only get access to a leading Coach with relevant industry experience, but also develop your competencies for a successful career.


UP Bootcamp aims to provide students with an opportunity to develop the knowledge of big name companies, including HSBC, London Stock Exchange Group, EY and BBC etc. The day will include an introductory presentation on the history, culture and structure of the firms, a tour of the office and a series of workshops Employability skills training.

Exclusive Internship Programme

Internship opportunities exclusive to UP®, sourced for you by our careers network. Here are some examples of organisations that offer internship opportunities: VT Fintech, Alizoy Venture Capital, Sugarwise, Sterling Stamp Solicitors and Design-Na Architects etc.
Coach Team
Vincent Pizzoni

Executive Search Consultant with Preng & Associates focused on finding exceptional talent for clients in the energy sector including Oil and Gas, Oilfield Services, Chemicals, Power, Renewables, Consultancy, Banking and Private Equity.

Shauna Purdey

An experienced HR Director who operates at board level who has 20 plus years of HR experience operating both In - house and as a consultant.


6 years' experience in successfully coaching graduates and postgraduates to secure job and internship positions within FTSE 100 companies.


Mckinsey & Company-Consultant, HSBC Global Banking and Markets-Investment Banking Summer Associate, KPMG Cross-boarder M&A Advisory.

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Career Department Manager

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